April 28, 2020

Performance Fabrics 101

Imagine a no-fuss approach to upholstery — Bringing the best of two worlds together with style and easy-care.

It’s a game-changer!

Performance fabrics are designed to work against life’s little messes from kids, pets & adults. With Stain Free Technology, stains will come out easily but remember fabrics will still get dirty. Keep in mind there are some stains that may not be as easily cleanable and are not guaranteed to come out, like mustard & die transfer from denim.

Read on to learn the benefits of each performance brand available at  JFFABRICS.COM  & how to care for them.

American-made, family-owned, award winning Bella-Dura® textiles are ideal for applications that demand contract-grade standards. Woven with a proprietary yarn, these exceptionally durable fabrics possess inherent attributes that surpass contract standards of abrasion, stain resistance, fade resistance, bleach cleanability and recyclability. Ideal for indoor & outdoor residential & hospitality use.

CRYPTON – Best for contract use

The ultimate performance fabric proven to stay beautiful in the most demanding environments. Each fiber of Crypton Fabric is encapsulated with patented technology through an immersion process. Crypton Fabric is a specifically engineered system that is delivering superior performance from stains and spills.

Ideal for indoor & outdoor residential & hospitality use.

Home is where the smart is.  Intelligent stain and odor resistant indoor fabrics, ready for spills, drops or whatever comes their way. Crypton Home uses the same “repel and release” technology as Crypton Fabric but is specifically tailored for use in the home.

Offered in a wide variety of fabric textures and colors, our fabrics are soft yet strong & easy to clean.  Most have a pill rating of 4 or 5, however, some may only have a pill rating of 3. Crypton Home give designers the freedom to create a beautiful home and homeowners the freedom to live a beautiful life. Ideal for indoor residential & hospitality use.

100% life proof. 100% simple. 100% trusted.

FibreGuard fabrics provide you with the ultimate gift: peace of mind.

Our fabrics are green-conscious. We’re certified under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, to promise that our fabrics won’t release any harmful finishes or chemicals into the world. Family and pet-friendly, our fabrics are engineered to meet the demands of both residential and professional use.

Ideal for indoor residential & hospitality use.

FibreGuard Pro is a FibreGuard enhanced product, which has been woven for extra protection and has been designed to meet the demanding nature of hospitality and care facility environments.

This performance textile maintains the FibreGuard promise of stain free technology, with much more. It is durable, odour, moisture and mildew resistant, making this the perfect antimicrobial fabric. Ideal for indoor residential, hospitality and health care use.

InsideOut is the first All-In-One performance fabric that can satisfy all of your needs and withstand the elements, both inside and outside. InsideOut Performance Fabrics® pairs superior design and unmatched performance to weather any storm in your home, sunroom or outdoors. With fluorine free technology, you can rest easy knowing you have made an environmentally conscious choice.

Ideal for indoor & outdoor residential and hospitality use.

Sunbrella is the most recognized and trusted name in performance fabrics for over forty-five years.

Sunbrella fabrics have been engineered to have robust performance characteristics that provide resistance to fading and degradation from sunlight and chemical exposure. Best in high heat areas like the Palm Desert, Palm Springs & Arizona where temperatures get well above 100 degrees for extended periods of time.

Ideal for indoor & outdoor residential & hospitality use.