June 16, 2020

Tech Tips for Designers | Productivity

Today, more than ever, productivity tools have become the necessity for businesses to successfully execute the overall business strategy.

In this video we are going to be talking about email & the business / technology world calls a ‘productivity suite’. Your productivity suite is a tool that helps you manage the communications and collaborations of your business. Common productivity suites are G Suite for Business, Microsoft 365, and ZohoOne. This includes services such as email, chat, video calls, creating & storing files. Let’s discuss 3 benefits of using online productivity tools as well as improve work efficiency for your business.

Get a professional email

Having a business email (name@yourbusinessname.com) allows you to have a professional online presence, as well as more importantly gives you access to software tools & apps, which you may not be able to use with a consumer email (such as gmail.com or yahoo.com)

Get everything in one place

A productivity suite is more than just email – it will streamline your business with email, calendars, contacts, files, forms & much more. Regardless of the location, with the assistance of online productivity tools, sharing, storing & accessing information is more efficient. As a result, not only is it centralizing the information, but also providing you with 24/7 opportunity to collaborate, engage & lead your business without delays.  

Connect & Collaborate

Through chat tools, video conferencing, or voice calls, you can easily connect & collaborate with your team, customers & vendors and focus on the work that really matters.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. You can email me directly at catherine@adavifig.com or go to adavifig.com/godigital to schedule a free business assessment and discuss how you can use technology as a designer in your online business.