To the Trade

Frequently asked questions

How come when I check stock on an item it says good for stock but when I place my order it comes up back ordered?

The quantity you are ordering is not available in a single piece. Our stock screen checks the total quantity on hand. In this case we ask you to provide us your cuts so we can fill your back order as soon as possible.

When asked for cuts, in what format should I reply in (numbers or words)?

You can input your cuts in either way or leave the field blank and press enter.

Do I have to always put in my cuts?

Cuts are not required however if we do have stock in more than one piece and the pieces dyelot match, we would be able to process your order without having to contact you and add time to the processing of your order.

When I give my cuts, how do I know the pieces you pick will dyelot match?

Absolutely no order is filled, where cuts have been specified, without all of the items being dyelot matched in our warehouse.

I keep getting “Invalid Color” when entering an order.

If you get this message make sure you are entering the full color ID (eg 37J2971). If it still does not work please check your sample to ensure you have picked up the correct color ID.

Why do I get two order numbers?

Some of our items are located in our other warehouse. Items that are shipped from these warehouse’s will generate a second order number.

When I receive stock check information, why does it say “if ordered today your delivery would be ………”?

Unless inventory is held, we can only guarantee stock at that moment.  As our inventory position changes


What does ‘Always in Stock’ mean?

At JF Fabrics, we pride ourselves on our stock position. We use advanced technology to ensure our inventory levels are at 98%. However, this is based on a sales average. If an order is placed at a high quantity or if we discover the piece doesn’t meet our high quality standards, we may not be able to fill the order.

How do I get the JF App?

The JF App is available at the App Store and on Google Play. It is a free download.

I have a Blackberry, can I download the app?

The JF App can only be downloaded onto iPhone & Android devices that have access to the App Store or Google Play.

Once I download what does the app do?

Our JF App connects you immediately to our site – you can search our products, see the latest releases, find a showrooms and contact us. It also allows you to unlock digital information on our books and catalogues wherever you see the phone symbol.

I have the scanner on my app, how do I access the page that allows me to access the website

Simply touch the icon located on the top left of the scanner page and it will bring you to the 2nd page that displays the website links.
If you want to go back to the scanner simply. Touch the JF logo at the top left of the page again.

When I touch the scanner it begins to scan but then I get an error message that say ‘no content found’. What does this mean?

This could mean several things:
Be sure you are only scanning images that have the iPhone symbol beside them. You must also be sure there is sufficient light and little glare. Try holding the phone steady about 6 to 8 inches away.

When the video pops up, do I have to keep my phone on the image?

No, simply tap your phone and a video will temporarily download to your phone.

I am scanning one image but a different video pops up, why does this happen?

Once a video is on your phone, it will remain on the app at the forefront. You must close the video to unlock different digital content. You can also make sure when you are not using the app, to close it down completely.

Why am I only getting sound only on the video?

Like any app or video it will only perform as good as the Wi-Fi it’s connected to. You can also remove your Wi-Fi temporary, however, please note it will use data.